Bulletstorm Game for the Xbox 360

The Xbox 360 is a game console with a lot of FPS shooting games. I think that is probably because of the design of the Xbox 360 controller, which best suits FPS games.

In this article, I will talk about the Bulletstorm Game for the Xbox 360. This game is not only amazingly fun to play but the humor of the characters will pretty much keep you entertained while you play the game.

The story revolves around Grayson Hunt and his team called the “Dead Echo”. The Dead Echo is a black ops team that was headed by General Sarrano.

During one of their black ops missions, Grayson’s team was tasked to kill a man named “Bryce Novak”. After killing Novak, Grayson later found out that Novak was actually investigating civilian casualties caused by Grayson’s black ops team.

Because of this, Grayson and his Dead Echo team members decide to go rogue and they became space pirates, fleeing at the site of General Sarrano’s forces.

After 10 years, Grayson was reunited with his old teammates: Rell, Ishi, and Doc Oliver. Grayson had a drinking problem through the years and the only thing that makes him go is his plans of revenge against Sarrano.

Upon cruising through the galaxy, Grayson found Sarrano’s battleship called the Ulysses and rammed his ship towards it. Because of the impact, both of the ships landed on the planet Stygia. This event leads to Ishi being critically wounded.

Doc Oliver said that the only way to save Ishi is to search for existing energy cells to power the medical equipment. So, both Rell and Grayson searched the planet for these coveted energy cells.

The Planet Stygia, which used to be a resort-like planet, is now infested with cannibals and carnivorous mutant plants. After trekking through the vast planet in search of the energy cells, they come across some of the Ulysses’ escape pods.

After taking the energy cells, both Rell and Grayson returned to the ship. Apparently, the required energy cells were not the only things that Grayson took; he also took a device called the “instinct leash” which gives him the ability to see a lot of different things.

Just when Doc was finally in the process of curing Ishi, a group of aliens invaded their ship, killing Rell and Doc in the process. Grayson grabbed Ishi and went out of the ship.

The only thing left for Ishi and Grayson to do is to kill Sarrano for good. Grayson was able to assemble Ishi and Ishi is now half-controlled by an AI processor that Doc Oliver embedded in her brain. Both of them worked together to stop Sarrano for good.

The Bulletstorm Game for the Xbox 360 is very entertaining. I love the dialogue between the characters and it surely helped enliven the atmosphere of the game. This game is appropriately rated 16+ as the characters (especially Grayson) speak cuss words a lot.

The Bulletstorm Game for the Xbox 360 is a first-person shooting game that has some unique gameplay elements to it. For one, you get to fire some fictional weapons that have either an alternate fire mechanism (much like semi-burst mode in CS:GO) and the charged shot. Each of these firing modes depend on the different weapons, so make sure to use the weapons to your advantage.

Remember the instinct leash? Apparently, Grayson can use that to make a rope and pull enemies in for the kill. After pulling the enemies, you can give them a powerful kick and you have the option to kill the enemy with a gun or throw him off.

The game also encourages stylistic killings. What I mean by this is that the game rewards you with a lot more points depending on how flashy you kill the enemies.

The Bulletstorm Game for the Xbox 360 is truly a fun FPS game to play. The character dialogue, as well as the unique game mechanics, will surely entice you to play this game.

Minions Paradise Game for Android

Have you watched the Minions movie? If so, you’ve probably seen those cute little minions in their quest to finding an evil master they can serve.

Now, the minions require a master to lead them into doing despicable things. That is because they are just mischievous beings that want to wreak havoc. But, they are really not that bad; they are just a bit misguided.

Anyway, there are a lot of games that have been created that highlight the friendly minions. Today, we are going to talk about a particular Minions game unlike any other game out there.

The Minions Paradise Game for Android is a unique take on our yellow minions. You see, as previously mentioned, there are already a lot of games out there that feature the minions, but no game actually highlights what they can do.

In the Minions Paradise Game for Android mobile phones, Phil sinks the cruise ship he and his minions were riding and they ended up in a remote island. Your mission as a player is to control Phil and his minions to make the island your own, which means that you need to turn the remote island into a paradise!

The game requires you to let your creative juices flow. It is up to you to make the remote island the best place for the minions to stay (at least, for a while). You can customize the island to your liking.

You can put different structures and ornaments such as the beach volleyball court, hot tub, hammock, and so much more.

You can also plant some trees, harness electricity by using electric eels, and you can also plant some bananas, our cute minions’ favorite fruit!

There are just plenty of things you can do in the Minions Paradise Game for Android. The more stuff you build, the more you explore the island. There is a percentage of how much land mass you’ve already occupied and beautified so that you will know how much more you need to do to make the island truly yours.

Upon unlocking a certain percentage, you will also unlock many more things! You can unlock the ability to get on a hot air balloon and hunt some birds for the minions to eat. You can also use alligators for some recreational sport in the form of the alligator skiing. There’s just so much fun in this game!

Once you’ve really established the island as a paradise resort, you can then join Bob, Kevin, and Stuart in your little island paradise. These are the famous characters from the Minions movie, so make sure that every minute spent with them counts.

The Minions Paradise Game for Android makes use of your Google+ account to track and save the progress you’ve made in the game. This means that you need to be connected to the internet while playing it. If you want to have an uninterrupted gaming experience, get a mobile phone signal booster.

The Minions Paradise Game for Android is free to play with in-app purchases. This game is available in the Google Play Store.

7 Hidden Tricks for the iPhone 6s

The iPhone 6s is a truly great phone. With impressive specs, great camera, and a snappy mobile operating system, you can never go wrong in buying one for yourself.

In this article, I will show you 7 hidden tips that you can do on the iPhone 6s. Apple’s mobile phones are great and this article will make it even better.

So, without further ado, here are the 7 hidden tricks for your iPhone 6s:

  1. Know What Album The Current Song Playing is From- If you’re currently playing a song using your Apple mobile phone, you can press and hold a music track for a couple of seconds to let you know what that song’s album is. You can then have the option to listen to the entire album or choose only some songs to put in your My Music list.
  2. Add a New Number Directly from a Message- When someone texts you that are not on your contacts list, you can save that number for future use. You can save the number by long pressing on it for a few seconds and a set of options will be presented to you. You can add this new number to your contacts list or you can edit an existing contact with the new number.
  3. Make Siri speak with a distinguished Accent- Siri, Apple’s virtual assistant, now speaks with different accents. You can change Siri’s accents by going to Siri’s settings and under “Siri Voice”, choose the accent that you want.
  4. Share the Specific Location of a Destination- Suppose you want to meet up with your bestie at a certain coffee shop, for example, you can share with them the exact location and address of that particular coffee place. All you need to do is open up the Apple Maps app and long press on the specific coffee shop where you are going to meet your bestie. This will then share the exact information your bestie needs in order for her to go to that specific destination.
  5. Send quick Replies- Your Apple Mobile phone is now smarter than ever, and it also has a new and improved messages app. If you just want to reply faster to a specific message, just long press on a conversation in the messages app and you will be presented with a number of preset replies. Just tap on the preset message you want to send to your friend and that’s it!
  6. Record 4k Videos- Your iPhone 6s Mobile phone allows you to record 4k videos, but the feature is not turned on by default. If you want to enable this feature, go to the settings and under Photos & Camera, tap the option “4K at 30fps”.
  7. Hey, Siri!– Google’s mobile phone operating system, Android, has a cool feature called Google now. It can be powered up by just using your voice and saying “Hey Google”. But, did you know that you can also do that with the iPhone 6s? There is an option to activate “Hey Siri” from the settings menu. Go to Siri’s settings and there should be an option to activate “Hey Siri”.

There you have it. These are 7 hidden tricks you can do with the iPhone 6s. So, what are you waiting for? Whip out your Apple Mobile phone and try these tricks now!

AMD FX-8320 8-Core Processor

Are you a person who loves to edit videos or pictures? Or, are you a hardcore gamer that doesn’t want any CPU problems or CPU bottlenecks with your GPU? If so, you need to have a good CPU.

The CPU or the Central Processing Unit is considered to be the “brain” of the PC or Rig. Without it, the entire system would be rendered inoperable. In today’s modern world, people are clamoring for high-speed performance and more cores= more performance.

So today, we’re going to take a look at the AMD FX-8320 8-Core processor. Yes, you read that right. The AMD FX-8320 is the first ever 8-core processor that is available to desktops. And not only that, but it is already clocked at 5MHz right out of the box!

The feature list for the FX-8320 is really impressive. If you’re interested in what this processor is capable of, here are its features:

  • AMD FX Processors come equipped with AMD Turbo CORE Technology.2 AMD Turbo CORE Technology is a performance boosting technology that helps increase performance on the applications that need it the most.
  • One 16-bit link at up to 5600MT/s
  • Up to 8.0GB/s HyperTransport™ I/O bandwidth; Up to 16GB/s in HyperTransport Generation 3.0 mode
  • Up to 37GB/s total delivered processor-to-system bandwidth (HyperTransport bus + memory bus)
  • A high-bandwidth, low-latency integrated memory controller
  • Supports up to DDR3-1866
  • Supports new low voltage memories of 1.35V and 1.2V
  • Up to 29.9GB/s memory bandwidth for DDR3
  • New Pre-Fetcher improvements
  • Enhanced power management features which automatically and instantaneously adjusts performance states and features based on processor performance requirements
  • C6 power state flushes the cache and removes voltage from individual cores to help reduce power consumption
  • CC6 power state puts all cores in C6 into an even lower power state
  • Works automatically without the need for drivers or BIOS enablement.
  • Power can be switched on or off within a single clock cycle, saving energy with minimal impact to performance
  • Overclock with easy to use AMD Overdrive™ technology and AMD Catalyst™ Control Center™ software suites
  • Supreme power available from virtually every core configuration – also available in 6- and
  • 4-core variants
  • Aggressive performance for mega-tasking and intensive applications like video editing and
  • 3D modeling

The AMD FX-8320 has the new Piledriver architecture that is said to be more efficient than the previous bulldozer architecture. It sports a 32nm die for improved energy efficiency.

Not only that, but the FX-8320 also comes with AMD’s Turbo Technology, which allocates CPU processing power to the applications that need it the most.

The AMD FX-8320 is also an overclocker’s dream. You can really push this card to the limit because it now handles temperatures nicely and it already comes at 5GHz core clock speed, which is by far the fastest core clock speed found on the market today.

And let’s not forget, this processor comes equipped with 8 physical cores! Intel only has 4 physical cores and additional 4 powered cores thanks to the Hyperthreading technology.

Still, if you are into editing and gaming, definitely get the AMD FX-8320. This monster of a processor only costs $137.

weBoost Drive 3G-Flex Review

With a lot of mobile phone signal boosters out there, which one should you choose? How about a signal booster that you can use not only on your car, but also inside your home as well?

There is actually a signal booster than can do both of those, and that is the weBoost Drive 3G-Flex. This mobile phone signal booster can be attached at the roof of your car or inside your house.

In fact, this is one of the only mobile phone signal boosters that can do that, which is why it has become quite popular. But, it is not as popular as other signal boosters, and here’s why: no 4G or LTE support.

But, let’s focus more on its positives. The weBoost Drive 3G-Flex is a mobile phone signal booster that can amplify both 3G and 2G frequencies.weboost This means that you are able to make calls with clarity, even if the signal strength in the area is weak.

The weBoost Drive 3G-Flex comes with a car charger for your car and an AC wall charger if you want to use it inside your home. It also comes with a magnetic mount which you can use to mount the signal booster on the roof your car. And, it also has a window mount so that you can attach it to your home without any hassles.

The weBoost Drive 3G-Flex also has a powerful enough amplifier which has a gain of 45 dB, just 5 points shy of the industry’s maximum. It also has only a 2.5dBi forward gain, which is quite slower from the best mobile phone signal boosters out there.

The only downside to this signal booster is the lack of the aforementioned 4G and LTE support. Most service providers offer this medium because of its high speed data transfers. It is a shame that this signal doesn’t support any of them.

Still, it gives 3G and 2G signals a considerable boost whenever you need it.

When you purchase the weBoost Drive 3G-Flex, you will be receiving the following items:

Drive 3G-Flex Dual-Band Amplifier

  • 4″ Mini Magnetic Mount Antenna with SMA-Male Connector
  • DC Power Supply
  • AC Power Supply
  • 901128 – Window Mount with Radial for Magnet Antennas
  • 859946 – 13″ Mobile Professional Zippered Carry Pouch

The installation of this signal booster is quite easy. If you want to install this on your car, just mount the amplifier on the roof of your car. Place the included coaxial cable somewhere safe (under the door seal). Plug the power the car charger and put the power cable to the amplifier and the coaxial cable into the antenna slot on the amplifier, and you’re good to go.

To install the weBoost Drive 3G-Flex on your home or small office, attach the mount somewhere you can get even the faintest of signals (preferably on the window). Place the antenna on the window and put the coaxial cable on the amplifier, plug the amplifier to a power source, and you’re good to go.

All in all, the weBoost Drive 3G-Flex is good if you want to boost 3G and 2G frequencies.

Nintendo 64

Nintendo 64 would be the following one plus it was the third game unit of Nintendo for worldwide market. It had been launched with three video games in Japan which incorporated Pilot Wing, Super Mario, and Saykio Habu. The Nintendo game Tube was Nintendo’s 6th creation gaming console. The game was initially launched in Japan and produced more than 21.74 million systems by the 30th September, 2010. Nintendo Wii would be the seventh creation gaming system. The code title of the game system is revolution. It may connect to the Wi-Fi network. And also this had a rumble device and speaker for creating sensory feedback.

You will discover plenty of mobile systems of Nintendo. One of these is Game and watch. Game boy line will be the next one. It is actually another portable game system by Nintendo. This specific game console sold more than 200 million systems globally. The game boy enhance indicates the first technical update throughout all Nintendo gaming systems. It has also launched two improved versions of this line. The Virtual boy would be the next portable gaming console made by Nintendo. It included true 3D images with the first time. During this time, most game organizations were accustomed to use monocular tips to accomplish impression and therefore led to fake 3D visuals. However, this Virtual boy happens to be the first one to turn this technology into truth.

NDS is among the innovative portable systems throughout all Nintendo gaming devices. It had been first launched in 2004. Additionally it is the first one to feature two monitors. The lower monitor would be a touch screen. It also comes with a built-in microphone. It supports Wi-Fi along with amazing network connection. The most recent among them all is the Nintendo 3DS. It is will be launched in 2010-2011. This could be another great device for Nintendo lovers to run. All kinds of game devices from Nintendo are really top quality products.

The 3DS is the most recent portable console launch of Nintendo. Sadly, the costs of the video games for this gaming system are very pricey. Except if you happen to be a child of a business magnate, or a billionaire, you are unable to manage to purchase all the latest releases for this gaming console. Because of the online websites where one can rent games; enjoying 3DS are no more that costly.

Nintendo 3DS memory card features

The 3DS contains a memory card slot for your SD cards. Exactly what is the purpose of a memory card? The memory card can be used to store your 3D images, recordings, music or whatever you need to be stored. The 3DS includes a 2GB memory card. Nintendo 3DS is out soon.

It’s quite clear I am thrilled with this new device. I’m excited to try it out. The disadvantages are only a few and the options are endless. All people must get one, and you will have your opportunity since the Nintendo 3DS is just around the corner. Assuming you prefer to discover more regarding the 3DS along with its supplies you may visit the following website

Finally, the technological innovation of 3D which made sci-fi films so interesting found a way to game titles with the Nintendo 3DS. In only a couple of weeks, this discovery is set to get launched – to the enjoyment of thousands of serious game fans. Just like the past years, Nintendo has managed to make it once more, releasing never-before encountered 3D visuals from a portable console. Certainly, Nintendo carves one more level in game record with this particular one, but the cost of remaining a part of it often leads to considering on what your money is worthy of. Continue reading and get filled on all that’s vital for that choice.